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March 21, 2018

No matter whether you are a child or a grown-up, no matter whether you are settled or struggle - There is a question of which answer we all search throughout our Life and yes you are guessing it right - “What is Life & Happiness?” No wonder I started my travel journey in quest of these prime questions. After following every rule of the society , traveling on the same path they do, Working hard at Job like a hell and earning a good amount of money to survive and have a family in future - I never know myself better or say like this “I never got a chance to meet myself or my soul” prior to starting my journey on a less traveled path which crosses the path of Mundane Life but never clashes. And there is no better place than mountains or mountainous area to start with where you will get plenty of time to walk, trek alone and spend quality time observing the beauty of nature and to ponder yourself and the breeze coming from mountains create a unique scene. Bhimtal is one such place to start with, the less crowded, a kind of offbeat and the Gateway to beautiful places of Himalaya and Indians state of Uttarakhand in particular.

How to Reach Bhimtal

❖ By Air: The nearest airport to Bhimtal is Pantnagar Airport, a domestic airport which is just around 58 km from Bhimtal. The nearest International airport is Indira Gandhi International airport- New Delhi.

❖ By Train:  Due to the mountainous region, this area is not well connected through Rail network. Kathgodam Railway station is the nearest station which is just 30 km away from the Bhimtal.

❖ By Road: The best way to explore this region is via the Road and to enjoy it to its fullest is via Bike ride. This area is well connected via National Highways and state highways. The distance from New Delhi is just 315 km or approx 8 hrs drive.Buses can be booked online via Uttarakhand official Transport website. New Delhi’s Anand Vihar ISBT (Interstate Bus Terminal) and Kashmiri gate ISBT are the hubs to get buses.


➢ Bike Route - Delhi → Hapur → Moradabad → kaladhungi→ Kharagpur → Haldwani → Kathgodam → Bhimtal


❖ Distance chart from Major Touristic Spot

Delhi - 315 Kms

Nainital - 21 Kms

Dehradun- 268 Kms

Haridwar - 250 Kms


I got two chances to experience this beauty- Firstly with an office Group trip and secondly Solo on my Bike and I have no doubt to admit that my solo trip was much better than the Group one. For me visiting a place is not just about going to its famous tourist spot but to explore, meet and greet with locals and spent some time alone on some cliff of the mountains and staring the sky and surrounding and get lost like there is no obstacle between you and Nature. And my solo trip gave me amazing chances which I was never expected - How you feel when driving your bike you reached to the highest village of that region and locals ask you to visit their home and offer Tea and share stories of their life?


Come join My Journey:


Attractions & Excursion

Bhimtal Lake

Surrounded by mountains this beautiful Lake is the center of attraction of Bhimtal town. This less crowded Lake is the best place to spend some time on its bank during the night and observes the reflection of light. Boating is also available during the daytime at a reasonable price. Situated in the center of the city, makes it more accessible for a tourist or traveler.There is a fish Aquarium too in the middle of the Lake where you can see a variety of Fish of this Lake.

★ Naukuchiatal

Bhimtal town is a perfect destination to enjoy beautiful natural Lakes. Naukuchiatal is the 2nd in this list. Just beside the Bhimtal Lake a road goes upwards (Naukuchiatal road) which will not only leads you to the Naukuchiatal but also give you chance to get a glimpse of the Bhowali range/Bhimtal town from the top and several other mountains and a chance to take a Paragliding ride over the Naukuchiatal and Bhimtal. This Lake is big in size and the perfect place to enjoy self-boating and other water sports activity.

★ Jungaliangaon

Situated a distance of approx 16 km from Naukuchiatal Lake this is the last village of the Bhimtal, which is the on the top of the mountains where buses even not go. The road towards jungaliangaon is like you are heading towards heaven and sky is just few meter away from the reach of your hand. There are many spots on this road which can be a perfect place to Experience Sunset & Sunrise. I got a chance to catch a glimpse of one Sunset and indeed I have no words to express how I felt that evening. If you are on a bike or if you can trek then this place is not to miss. Imagine a village on the top of the mountains and one of the corner or boundary has a river flowing deep down through the mountains, and on the other side there are a couple of houses and cows are grazing the field on the cliff. And where locals are very welcoming. Isn’t it a perfect dream destination?

 Paragliding Spot-

I am very fond of Adventure sports and who else wouldn't be when you will be getting a chance to take a “Birds-Eye” view of a beautiful place full of lakes and beautiful mountains. There are several spots in Bhimtal to take a ride but the best one I found was “ the Highest point” of the Jungaliangaon road and I would recommend taking a paragliding ride here in Bhimtal instead of Nainital. Although there is not much difference in the price(Varies between 1000-1500/ person) but here you will get much air time. Please keep in mind that Paragliding depends on the weather condition and air. The perfect timing for paragliding is either in the morning or evening.


★ Sattal

Since childhood like everybody I too stories about the heaven and I used to imagine - “How heaven looks like”, as I grow up I came to known the fact that the definition and imagination of “Heaven” differ person to person. Sattal is a place where I find my imagination of “Heaven” is matching with it. Sattal is series of 7 freshwater natural lakes interconnected to each other. There might be chances that you won’t find anything unique in those lakes when you go near but the journey towards these Lakes is like traveling in Heaven. There will be many spots from where you will be able to see clearly those lakes altogether and that scenery will be mesmerizing and it will remain in your heart for a lifetime. From main town bhimtal there is road goes towards Sattal (Sattal road), this will be an almost 15-20 min ride and the road goes downwards and I bet your bike ride will be the most memorable. This place is also the home to many camping sites and one of the famous is YMCA, a perfect habitat for the birds and a home to an old church just in the middle of the Ram and Sita Tal lakes.



As I mentioned earlier that Bhimtal is perfect Gateway to enter Himalaya. There are many places which can be reached in 3-10 hrs from Bhimtal. These places are:

●        Almora- 53 km

●        Mukteshwar-39 km

●        Kausani-97 km


Although these are the perfect tourist spot in itself. I want to name “Almora” an excursion, because the road towards “Almora” is so picturesque that you can’t stop yourself to get multiple stops to admire the beauty of nature. While biking on this road many a times a desire came out “I wish I would have a Drone Camera” - No other camera can capture it better what my eyes were observed- “Between two parallel mountains - there is road and a river also passing parallel miles and miles and in front of you there is another mountain. I can’t express it in words. I decided to go as long as I can but slowly, so that I can admire and behold the beauty of my mind and heart. There is two spots I would like to recommend everybody while heading towards “Almora”- the First one is:


● Garampani- This place falls on the way to Almora and perfect place to do adventure sports and spend some quality  time in Mountains river flowing along the road.


● Dhokane Waterfall- Just 15km before Almora, there is road goes upwards to this beautiful less traveled hidden waterfall. The drive to this waterfall is exciting and I can assure you, you won’t regret once you reach to this waterfall. When visited this place it was taken by a private company and they told me that in the coming year they want to develop this place as a perfect adventure spot.

In this way my journey to Bhimtal came to an end, it was 3 days long trip, where I covered 933 km (Delhi- Bhimtal+Excursion-Delhi) in total and approx 100 km in Bhimtal and Almora. Spent 1400 rupees on petrol and around 2400 rupees on accommodation and food.


In the end, I would like to say-” Take a solo road trip sometime, who knows what will you find- “A real meaning of Life” or “Meaning of Happiness”



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